We Specialist in Probate and Wills for Clients in Cobham

At Wills, Probate and Trust, we understand the need for confidentiality and sensitivity when dealing with such a specialist subject. That’s why we concentrate on the particular areas of wills and Lasting Power of Attorney with professionalism and discretion. Based in Weybridge, we also cover Cobham and the surrounding Surrey area.

Wills let you decide on what happens to your property, your money and your possessions after your death. It is better to choose will writing solicitors to create wills on your behalf than it is to do the work yourself as any omissions or errors could be costly to your family.

Probate is the process of overseeing money, possessions and possibly final wishes after a person dies. If the person who passes away has left a will, he or she might have specified who should take charge of the probate process

Our company is renowned for our thorough and detailed knowledge of the constantly updating legal system. Clients in Cobham who have issues in submitting a will or who have encountered problems with items such as inheritance tax, estate assets or outstanding debts can call on our will writing solicitors and probate specialists for help.

Our clients receive personally tailored services in which we can visit you in your Cobham home or you can come directly to our Weybridge office to make arrangements and instructions. We make the writing of wills as simple and as comfortable as possible.

Lasting Power of Attorney in Cobham

If you live in the Cobham area, we can help you to make decisions on assigning a person to be the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) when another individual no longer has the mental capacity or desire to do so themselves. The doner can appoint any person over the age of 18 to oversee decisions that need to be carried out on their behalf.

Our highly experienced legal team can help you understand how Lasting Power of Attorney works and we cover all of the important issues you may encounter in the day-to-day lives of people who are too ill to make these decisions for themselves. We provide LPA advice for all visiting clients from Cobham and its surrounding areas.

If the LPA needs to carry out basic decisions for those in their care, such as washing, eating dressing and administering medical care and medicines, we can advise in this area and help in the legal handling of personal bank accounts, property, pensions and bills.