Probate and Will Writing Solicitors Covering Addlestone

The writing of a will is one of the most important things you will undertake in life. Wills, Probate and Trust will help you through the process with simplicity and ease. A number of our clients come from the nearby Addlestone area. Our reputation throughout Surrey for being ultimately professional has made our will writing solicitors some ofthe most sought-after specialists in the county.

Expressing instructionsin wills can be done through a questionnaire that you fill out for us. This enables us topool the information needed to draft wills on behalf of our Addlestone clients. Alternatively, you cancall our office in Weybridge for an appointment and we’ll go through your exact requirements with you to ensure your final wishes are carried out. Our will writing solicitors can also meet youat your own home in Addlestone.

We can advise you on inheritance tax or, if you need to update your existing will, we can help you through the process of an official alteration which is called a ‘codicil’. Wills, Probate and Trust also advise you on how probate works, where someone you name to be the executor of a will carries out specific tasks when looking after the ‘estate’.

Lasting Power of Attorney in Addlestone

At Wills, Probate and Trust, we will explain what Lasting Power of Attorney means to you and your family in clear, simple terms so there is no confusion when the ‘doner’ becomes incapable of making decisions for himself or herself anymore. Our highly trained and qualified personnel guide clients in Addlestone through the full process, explaining exactly whatis needed to be granted Lasting Power of Attorney over the doner.

Our specialist firm of will writing solicitors and probate experts have many clients from Addlestone and the surrounding areas of Surrey who use us for legal advicepertaining to LPA and many other will writing matters. Contact us now for a prompt appointment.