Probate Administration

Wills, Probate and Trusts understand the sense of loss surrounding a bereavement and the difficulties facing those left with the responsibility of putting the deceased's financial affairs in order. A loss of regular income or discovering that bank accounts have been frozen only adds to the despair that dependent relatives face. These problems always seem to arrive at the most harrowing and most inconvenient times.

Our legal practitioners provide a prompt, efficient and sensitive service with full consideration of the individual's requirements, which allows us to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in the case where there is no will, quickly. Our professional team, based in Weybridge, handles all exceptional and appropriate cases and provides dedicated services to clients in Walton on Thames, including Woking, Chertsey and the surrounding Surrey area. During the course of our work, we deal with the following aspects of probate administration:

1. We communicate with all related parties including life assurance companies, banks and building societies, private individuals and more. The ultimate aim of all liaisons is to realise monies due to the estate inside short timeframes and to pay all outstanding debts including funeral costs.

2. Our legal practitioners file the final return with the Inland Revenue so that all affairs relating to taxation are closed.

3. Throughout the probate administration process, we keep clients informed by providing printed copies of ongoing correspondence and estate accounts.

4. We manage all bequests and legacies relating to the administration of the estate in complete accordance with the wishes of the deceased in their will or under the current Rules of Intestacy if there is no will.

5. Wills, Probate and Trusts provide an interim (if appropriate) or final statement of all accounts that record all aspects of financial administration to include a summary of financial income and expenditure.

6. If required, our legal practitioners negotiate bridging loans with banks and financial institutions if inheritance tax is due before granting probate or realising the estate and there is no money in the estate to make payment.

7. We arrange for the discharge of funeral costs from the deceased's bank account before probate is granted.

Our fees always reflect the amount of work undertaken. Banks charge up to 5% in fees and solicitors charges as much as 2% on the gross value of the estate. We base our fees on the complexity of the case and our actual involvement. Wills, Probate and Trusts undertake probate administration at realistic prices and always deliver a personalised service. Fees can be agreed at the beginning of the process so that clients will know exactly what the charges are when the process has been finalised eliminating any nasty surprises.